Turning a Female Friend into Your Girlfriend – Is It Possible?

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You’ve fallen in love, and you’ve fallen hard, right? It happened at least once for most on the guys – falling in love with a certain girl. And not only you’ve fallen in love, but she doesn’t even know this, because the relationship between you is only friendly.

Just the sound of her name makes you smile, and you simply wait for the moment when you will rip her clothes off.

You main problem here is – she only wants to be friends with you. In a beginning of any relationship with a girl, she determines how she views you – as a lover or as a friend. And you’ve fallen in to the category of “the friend” – you got into the friend zone.

Basically, you’ve passed what some call “the point of no return”. And I won’t lie – turning a friend into a girlfriend is not easy – it definitely is somewhat of a challenge. You have to change the whole way of how she views you. You have to get her feel sexually attracted to you.

In other words – you need to get her emotional side of the brain scream – “I want him!”.

In this post, I’ll give the basic principles of turning a female friend into your girlfriend or other forms of romantic partner.

Risking Your Friendship

Before making any further moves forward, you must understand that the attempt to turn a friend into a girlfriend is indeed risky – you must be ready to risk your friendship with her. However, if you are in love with a girl, it will usually seem like a fair sacrifice.

Don’t Pour Your Hurt Out

The common mistake that most guys make, is to tell their female friend about their feelings. These will usually happen after weeks, months or even years of hesitations.

And while it might seem like the most “direct” or honest thing to do, the results will be usually negative and awkward.

The problem here is that while you are attracted and interest in her, she feels very little or even no attraction to you.

By the way, this doesn’t have much to do with your physical looks, as women give little importance to looks in men. It’s all about how you behave around her and the dynamics you have together.

The best way to turn your friendship into romance, is by making her sexually attracted to you, before you show interest in her.


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Break Rapport First

Breaking rapport is the NO.1 principle that distinguishes between being a friend to being a lover. If you became “just friends”, this means that you’ve never bothered to break rapport with her.

Breaking rapport is nothing about behaving bad or mistreating her in any way. It just breaks the friendly relationship between you, and allows attraction to be established.

So how do you break rapport? There are many methods and strategies, but I’ll give you just a few examples now:

Disagreeing – this is the classical way. Don’t be the “Nice Friend” who agrees with everything that she says. You have your own opinions and own ways of thinking – and it’s great to disagree with her. “I don’t agree with you, I think….” Will be a good start.

Don’t Answer Her Calls – You don’t have to be always available to her, and it’s OK not to answer every call she gives you. This will make her chase you, and not the opposite.

Tease Her – Have you ever told her “Wow, you’re so stupid!” in a friendly voice?  Well, you better starting teasing women. Teasing is not insulting, it’s fun and playful and women love being teased by guys. Some other examples – “I don’t like you any more J”, “I should find myself a new friend”.

Push Her Attraction Buttons

Breaking rapport is the basic, first step you should do to “reset” your friendly relationship.  However, although breaking rapport itself makes a woman attracted to you, don’t neglect many other elements of attraction.

Women are attracted to certain masculine traits – you can find many of them throughout my blog and in my free PDF guides.

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